Welcome to Rennes

The 47th EEMGS meeting will be held in Rennes, France, from the 19th to the 23rd of May 2019.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate to the 47th Meeting of the European Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society (EEMGS) organized by the French Society of Genetic Toxicology (SFTG).

“Genotoxicology and cancer: Science challenges solved by transdisciplinary collaboration”

19-23 May 2019

EHESP School of Public Health, Rennes, France

Boasting international reach, Rennes in the largest higher education centre in the north-west of France, with 66,000 students. Working closely with businesses and with over 5,000 researchers, this ecosystem fuels high-level research and innovation. In addition, Rennes is just 90 minutes from Paris and less than hour from both Saint-Malo and bay of Mont Saint-Michel.

Ranked as the best French city for quality of life by a European study, Rennes is reputed for its rich cultural calendar, the diversity of its heritage, its contemporary art programme and its vibrant student scene.

The capital of Brittany is easily accessible from all European capitals thanks to the many destinations offered by its airport. Only 90 minutes from Paris via the upgraded high-speed rail link (LGV).

A free-afternoon will be dedicated to visit the city centre of Rennes, the Mont-Saint-Michel or the city of Saint-Malo. Finally, a gala dinner will also be organized on the Wednesday evening.

On behalf of the French Society of Genetic Toxicology (SFTG) and the EEMGS.

Ludovic LE HEGARAT, president of SFTG

Sophie LANGOUET, local organizer

Helga STOPPER, president of EEMGS

George JOHNSON, vice-president of EEMGS

Dr Ludovic Le HEGARAT

SFTG President-Local Organizer

Dr Sophie Langouet

SFTG Vice-President-Local Organizer


  • DNA repair and chromosomal integrity
  • Genotoxicity of nanomaterials
  • Advance in Radiotoxicology
  • High Content Screening in Genotoxicity
  • Mixture effects
  • New in vitro models in genotoxicology
  • Epigenotoxicology and transgenerational effects
  • Advances in genotoxicity testing
  • Mutational signatures
  • Adductomics
  • Mechanism of carcinogenesis

Invited Speakers

  • Ivan Matic
  • Kristine Witt
  • Cristian Tomasetti
  • Robert Barouki
  • Robert Fuchs
  • Fillippo Roselli
  • Jean-Sébastien Hoffmann
  • Valérie Fessard
  • Marie Carrière
  • Shareen Doak
  • Carine Laurent
  • Siamak Haghdoost
  • Claudia Fournier
  • Bob van de Water
  • Marc Audebert
  • Roland Frötschl
  • Amaya Azqueta
  • Patrick Balaguer
  • Jacob van Klaveren
  • Gareth Jenkins
  • Sophie Langouët
  • Xavier Gidrol
  • Sebastian Honnen
  • Carol Beevers
  • Jiri Zavadil
  • Raffaella Corvi
  • Bob Heflich
  • Mélanie Guérard
  • Véronique Thybaud
  • Paul White
  • David Phillips
  • Raphaël Delépée
  • Lynn Vanhaecke
  • Kathryn Z Guyton
  • Fabrice Pierre
  • Volker Arlt


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